Property Stamp Duty

Buyer’s Stamp Duty

Property purchases in Singapore are subject to taxes, which are the Buyer’s Stamp Duty and the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (if applicable). Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) is payable on all property you buy in Singapore.

The amount of BSD to be paid is based on:

  • The purchase price of the property, as stated in the signed sale and purchase agreement; or
  • The market value of the property, as obtained from valuation reports of the property;

whichever is the higher of the two.

Purchase price or market value of propertyStamp Duty Rate (Residential)Stamp Duty Rate (Non-Residential)
First $180,0001%1%
Next $180,0002%2%
Next $640,0003%3%
Remaining amount4%3%

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) rates are only applicable to residential properties and it depends on your residency status and how many residential properties you already own in Singapore.

You will be regarded as purchasing an additional residential property if you already own a residential property in Singapore (whether you fully, jointly or partially own this first residential property).

Is ABSD always applicable when I buy additional residential properties in Singapore?

ABSD is applicable when you are buying an additional property and you already own an existing residential property in Singapore (whether fully, jointly or partially). ​

There are some situations where you will not have to pay ABSD when buying additional residential properties in Singapore. These include:

  • Where you have already contracted to sell your current residential property before signing the Option to Purchase for the new residential property
  • If you are downgrading from a private property to a HDB resale flat. This is because you are required to sell your private property within 6 months of completing your purchase of the HDB resale flat.
Buyer’s residency statusABSD rate on purchase of first propertyABSD rate on purchase of second propertyABSD rate on purchase of third and subsequent property
Singapore citizens, and nationals and Permanent Residents of Switzerland, United States of America, Liechtenstein, Iceland and NorwayNot applicable12%15%
Singapore Permanent Residents5%15%15%