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Expat Rental

Welcome to Singapore, the sunny island near the Equator. The relocation may be a stressful process especially if you are not familiar with the country, the property market and culture. At any given time, there are thousands of properties available for rental from public housing to private condominiums and landed properties. What is the best suited for you and your family? We will help you with the entire rental process: searching for suitable properties, arranging for viewings, viewing the properties, shortlisting them, negotiate a reasonable rental, negotiate the terms of tenancy and liaising with the landlord on your behalf. 


While Singapore is relatively easy to get around with public transport and if you wish to rely on the train service for daily commute, it is crucial to find a place  less than 8 minutes walk to the train station. The warm and humid climate may leave you perspiring if you walk or cycle even for a few minutes. After all, you would want to start your day in the office feeling as fresh as possible. 

Type of housing

In Singapore, we have 3 main categories of residential housing – HDB (public housing), private condominiums and landed properties. Firstly almost 80% of Singaporeans reside in HDBs. It is generally clean and safe and some are located near amenities such as food centres, coffeeshops and train stations. 

For private condominiums, you get to enjoy the various facilities within a gated compound often with 24/7 security. These are popular with expatriates as they enjoy using the facilities such as the swimming pool, tennis courts, bbq pits, gyms and etc. 

Landed properties are popular with expatriates who can work from home or those with bigger families. These properties are typically located in a quiet and exclusive neighbourhood where residents prefer the privacy. 


Singapore offers different neighbourhoods despite its small size. Holland Village is a popular enclave for chilling at cafes, bars and a relaxed meal. If you prefer a vibrant night life, staying near Clarke Quay or Robertson Quay may be the place for you as these are popular night spots even amongst the locals. Stay near East Coast if you love the outdoors and want to be close to a park or beach.

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